Hip Height & Running Mechanics

This presentation explores the importance of hip height in the execution of sprinting and various other sport-related movements.

Derek Hansen begins by discussing the importance of hip height in achieving maximum velocity sprint mechanics. He then goes on to discuss the modifications required to move explosively through cutting motions in various team sports. Hip height has implications for running speed, running economy, movement velocity and injury prevention.

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Above: Nathan Taylor (far left) winning the 4x100m relay bronze medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Australia

"Derek Hansen is one of a few coaches who understands the science of high-performance training. He has the remarkable ability to bring out peak performances in all of the athletes that he coaches. Never have I had a coach who is as diligent and committed to his athletes’ development as Derek. I owe the resurrection of my career to his efforts."

Nathan Taylor – 2006 Commonwealth Games Bronze Medalist – 4×100m Relay.

This 25 minute video identifies all of the key considerations when analyzing the movement biomechanics of your athletes.

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