Fundamentals of Linear Sprint Technique – Trainer Clinic

This 2.5-hour video features an actual clinic presentation for Strength and Conditioning professionals. The presentation covers basic sprint mechanics guidelines, key cues for teaching sprint drills, acceleration basics and much more. The presentation is tailored to trainers of multi-sport athletes and provides common-sense solutions for training professionals who have limited facility space and short timelines.

This product also includes a digital copy of the actual 30-slide PowerPoint presentation used for this clinic which you can download.

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Above: Pilot Serge Despres and teammates Nathan Cunningham, Steve Larsen and David Bissett of Canada 2 in the Four Man Bobsleigh Final at the 2006 Turin Winter Olympic Games

"Derek Hansen provides the best approach for athlete speed-strength conditioning in Western Canada. Not only was he they instrumental in getting me to the 2006 Winter Olympics, but he will also play a big role in putting me on the podium for 2010!"

Steve Larsen – 2006 Winter Olympian – Four-Man Bobsleigh.

Above: Nathan Taylor (far left) winning the 4x100m relay bronze medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Australia

"Derek Hansen is one of a few coaches who understands the science of high-performance training. He has the remarkable ability to bring out peak performances in all of the athletes that he coaches. Never have I had a coach who is as diligent and committed to his athletes’ development as Derek. I owe the resurrection of my career to his efforts."

Nathan Taylor – 2006 Commonwealth Games Bronze Medalist – 4×100m Relay.

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Recorded: 2008
Videos: 4 parts
Total length: 2 hour 20 min
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Photo credits: Nathan Cunningham