Globus SpeedCoach – A Practical Guide to EMS Application

After creating a customized program of electrostimulation for speed development, namely the Globus SpeedCoach series, I wanted to make sure that people would be able to implement it with little to no hassles. I developed a detailed supplementary user manual for guiding coaches and athletes through the individual electrostimulation sessions. However, some of the information does not always translate well in the printed form. My solution was to track the use of an actual athlete using the SpeedCoach protocols on his Globus electrostimulation unit. The result was a two-part video series that outlines his experiences and our discussions on how he could improve his individual sessions with electrostimulation.

If you are currently using electrostimulation with your training or you are considering using it as a supplement to your conventional strength training, I encourage you to watch the video series. It may help to answers some questions that you may have or clarify some specific details regarding the use of electrostimulation. Our intent is to educate individuals on the best use of this technology in the hopes that more athletes and coaches take advantage of the wide range of benefits provided by electrostimulation.


Part 1 of 2: Planning and Application of the Globus SpeedCoach


Part 2 of 2: Planning and Application of the Globus SpeedCoach


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