Why Lance Armstrong Should Come Clean

– Derek M. Hansen – Regardless of what I thought about Lance Armstrong’s accomplishments, or how he attained them, prior to the airing of 60 Minutes’ lead story on May 22nd, 2011, it became brutally obvious that almost everyone’s opinion of the most celebrated cyclist in history will have changed after Tyler Hamilton’s detailed interview.… [Continue Reading]

Disappearing Middle Class… Increasing Waistlines?

– Derek M. Hansen – A number of recent phenomena have made me closely examine the progress and advancement of modern civilization – at least as it relates to health and fitness. While we are marveling at the advances in both computer technology and biotechnology, we seem to be stumbling in other areas. If you… [Continue Reading]

Making the Most of Opportunities in 2010

– Derek M. Hansen – This past year I had the opportunity to work with Canadian Long Track Speed Skaters based in Richmond, British Columbia – the location of the 2010 Olympic Oval. It was a great experience working with a winter sport in preparation for the 2010 Olympics. One story that many coaches and… [Continue Reading]

The Sweet Science: When Fighting Beats Running

– Derek M. Hansen – One of the great thing about sports – almost any sport – is that when you see a sporting skill performed well, with little effort or extraneous movement, it is a delight to witness. In the current era of mixed martial arts and cage fighting, you get numbed into submission… [Continue Reading]

The Reality of Sprinting in the Age of Usain Bolt

– Derek M. Hansen – With recent losses suffered by sporting greats such as Tiger Woods and Roger Federer, it seems that there are very few “sure-things” in the world of elite sports. Enter Usain Bolt, who not only is untouchable in competition, but also able to produce world record performances on demand in major… [Continue Reading]

The Perils of Choice in the Realm of Exercise and Training

– Derek M. Hansen – In a continuing effort to expand my base of knowledge, I find myself looking to other fields of expertise. On the advice of a colleague of mine, I began to view the on-line presentations provided on TED.com. “TED” is short for Technology, Entertainment and Design. It started out as a… [Continue Reading]

Sport, Talent Identification and The Human Genome

– Derek M. Hansen – Recently, I have been looking at the latest research and findings related to the Human Genome project and how it would apply to the average person. There are now a number of new companies on the market that will take a sample of your DNA (through a generous saliva sample)… [Continue Reading]

Rehabilitating Injuries and Dating Success: Parallels and Progressions

– Derek M. Hansen –   I spend a lot of time working with young athletes in the age range of 18 to 25 years. Most of them are male, but many of them are also female. While most of my work with these athletes involves getting them bigger, stronger and faster, I also spend… [Continue Reading]

Improved Running Technique for Injury Prevention

– Derek M. Hansen – I was watching television the other day and came across a commercial for orthotics. It featured a middle-aged woman who was complaining of foot pain and associated problems. She claimed that a simple prescription of custom orthotics cured her problems and she was able to run two half-marathons. The interesting… [Continue Reading]

Get on Your Running Shoes and Go Green!

– Derek M. Hansen – Elections are looming in both the United States and Canada, and I thought it time to present a more topical post rather than going on and on about something as menial and boring as running. But how can we combine the topic of running (or jogging) and the federal elections… [Continue Reading]