Are We Running Enough?

– Derek M. Hansen – At first glance, it sounds like an unnecessary question: “Are we running enough?” If we looked at the unprecedented growth in obesity in North America, the obvious answer would be “no”. However, taking that angle would be considered “easy pickins” as societal obesity is a much more complex problem of… [Continue Reading]

Do Great Hurdlers Make Great Football Players?

– Derek M. Hansen – I had the pleasure of being in Times Square in New York City last weekend for the announcement of the 2011 Heisman Trophy winner, Baylor’s Robert Griffin III. As soon as his name was announced, I thought of fellow strength coach and friend, Chris Ruf of Baylor University, and his… [Continue Reading]

Strength Training for Distance Runners: Why and How Much?

– Derek M. Hansen – Running successfully over long distances (I consider anything over 400 meters to be a long distance) requires a composite of many factors. The majority of distance runners will tell you that “mileage” and overall training volume will form the foundation of their training program. Hence, good distance runners tend to… [Continue Reading]

Is the Present Day Athlete Prepared for the Initiation of Athletic Performance Enhancement Training?

Robert A. Panariello MS, PT, ATC, CSCS Professional Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy Professional Athletic Performance Center New York, New York The lack of early age athletic “preparation” as well as the common occurrence of youth athletic “sports specialization” is presently an all too common theme in the United States. The dream of a college… [Continue Reading]

Are We Getting Dumber? Is Sport Science Advancing or Regressing?

– Derek M. Hansen – Every morning, I get up and proceed to make my breakfast in a bit of a daze. Often, I find myself staring aimlessly at the toaster, waiting for that tumultuous moment when my toast pops up and I’m disappointed with the lack of golden-brown or the excess of black. Yet,… [Continue Reading]

Preparation of the Athlete for the Running Gait Cycle During the Rehabilitation of the Post-Operative ACL Reconstructed Knee

Provided below is a superb article by Robert Panariello on ACL rehab and the implications for running and sprinting. I was fortunate enough to be introduced to Rob by strength coaching legend, Al Vermeil, back in 2003 and have relied on Rob for my mentorship with many aspects of injury prevention and rehabilitation, particularly as… [Continue Reading]

Muscle Tone Management for Running Performance and Health

– Derek M. Hansen – The longer I work with athletes and the non-athlete population, the more I recognize the importance of managing muscle tone on a daily basis. For the lay- person, it is unfortunate that the term “muscle tone” has been associated with making muscles more aesthetically pleasing to the eye. You will… [Continue Reading]

Band Aid Solutions for the Modern Athlete

– Derek M. Hansen – On a daily basis, I am fascinated as I observe my two young kids interact with each other and their environment, negotiating various situations and challenges that arise. I am always particularly interested in how they deal with the situation of an injury (i.e. scrape, cut, abrasion) and getting hurt… [Continue Reading]

Running Mechanics and the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics

– Derek M. Hansen – With the 2010 Winter Olympics taking place in Vancouver, Canada, we are exposed to a wide array of different sports that rely heavily on unique skill-sets that are not required for conventional summer sports. Events involving flips, twists, jumps and edge-control, all while wearing either skin-tight or baggy style-conscious outfits,… [Continue Reading]

Running and Knee Health: Recent Reports

– Derek M. Hansen – Once in a while, some of the major media outlets actually publish some interesting articles on the topic of exercise. Those of us that tire of reading headlines about the “Top 10 Exercises for Body Sculpting” or “How to Run Off that Spare Tire” are shocked when we see an… [Continue Reading]