The Running Mechanics Team


Derek M. Hansen

Derek Hansen is involved in all aspects of a Running Mechanics program, from the hands-on instruction to the development of training plans to the evaluation of video footage. Along with the other members of the team, Derek is actively working to make all of our clients better runners regardless of their age, experience or goals. With his experience in coaching world class sprinters, elite team sport athletes and a variety of youth athletes, Derek brings a wide variety of skills and abilities to our clients. In only one session, you will find that you are feeling better and running faster and more efficiently than ever before.


Jimson Lee

Jimson Lee has experience in working with runners of all ages and abilities. His knowledge of running mechanics, combined with his expertise with digital technology provide with the ability to analyze all aspects of a runner’s speed, power, efficiency and biomechanics.

Jimson has a Bachelors of Science in Physiology with concentration in Biochemistry. As an athlete, Jimson focused on the 400 meters, and placed 5th at the Canadian Nationals in 1992. He is still active at the Masters level. In 2003, he placed 2nd in Canada’s Masters Nationals at the 200 meters. Jimson is also the founder of, a site dedicated to Coaching and Athletes.


Martin Latour – Exercise Physiologist

Martin Latour provides expertise to the team in the area of exercise physiology. Dr. Latour received his Ph.D. in exercise physiology studying exercise and liver metabolism from the Université de Montréal in 1999. He did a post-doctoral fellowship studying liver innervation and insulin resistance at the University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB, under the supervision of Dr W. Wayne Lautt between until 2001. He then worked in the pharmaceutical industry joining successively Merck Research Laboratories and Innodia Inc. in their respective pre-clinical drug discovery groups studying diabetes. Since 2004, Dr Latour works in the teams of Drs Prentki and Poitout as a senior scientist and oversees all in vivo studies. Throughout his training, he coached varsity and professional athletes from track and field specializing in sprinting and jumping events and hockey off-season conditioning. He also assessed the fitness condition of national level athletes from Judo Canada and conducted entry fitness tests for future policemen and firefighters from the cities of Laval and Montreal.