Our Approach

At Running Mechanics, we are sticklers for making sure that you develop a foundation of good habits and appropriate physical development.  As with most skills, constant repetition of good technique is required to acquire and maintain effective running mechanics. Our teaching process includes the following critical components: 

  • Developing and maintain proper posture
  • Learning proper limb positions and movements
  • Building the appropriate musculature for posture and movement
  • Improving flexibility and range of motion for development of power and efficiency
  • Acquiring effective breathing and relaxation skills for running economy
  • Providing critical technical cues and rehearsal strategies for facilitating good mechanics

Our instruction not only produces better runners, but also more intelligent runners.  Clients are given the tools to self-diagnose problems when they are training or competing in order to maximize their performance.  It is no different than learning how to check the oil, change a tire or replace the fluids with your automobile.  In short, we will teach you how to be your own “Running Mechanic”.