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Running is ubiquitous. It is everywhere. It is the critical means of movement in almost every sport. It is also one of the simplest means of improving or maintaining general fitness. Running is an activity enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. In gym class, we all had to run back and forth in the gymnasium or around the school. Running is performed in events to raise money for charities. In the Olympics, the 100 meter sprint is seen as the marquee event and the winner is given the title of world’s fastest human. Yet, even though running is omnipresent in our everyday active lives, few individuals learn how to run properly.

RunningMechanics.com was created to provide individuals with a resource for improving their running. We are analogous to an auto shop that fixes and tunes up automobiles – both economy cars and high performance race cars – so that they run faster, longer and, overall, more efficiently. We strive to provide clients with proper instruction on their running technique and developing their running abilities. Our teaching progression and advanced training programs get people running faster, farther and more efficiently, with marked results after only one instructional session. No one does a better job at ‘fixing’ your running than the “Running Mechanics”.

We encourage you to navigate our site or contact us in your efforts to improve your running performance.

Derek M. Hansen
RunningMechanics.com Founder