2009 Recovery, Regeneration and Rehabilitation Conference

I will be hosting a Conference on March 7th, 2008 in Vancouver, BC with a theme of “Recovery, Regeneration and Rehabilitation.” The Conference information is posted below. In addition, you can download the Conference brochure by clicking here.

2009 BC Strength, Fitness and Conditioning Conference

“Recovery, Regeneration and Rehabilitation”

Saturday, March 7, 2009

This year our conference will focus on the topics of “Recovery, Regeneration and Rehabilitation,” featuring speakers from North America and Europe. Whether you are a sport coach, a strength and conditioning professional, a personal trainer, sports performance consultant or rehabilitation specialist, you will greatly benefit from the presentations and discussions.

This is your opportunity to participate in an affordable World-Class conference that won’t take up your whole weekend. We look forward to seeing you there!

Presented by: SFU Strength and Conditioning

Location: Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, West Mall Complex, Third Floor

For more information, contact Derek Hansen at dhansen@sfu.ca or 778-782-4059



Our Presenters:

We are proud to offer you some of the highest quality speakers available, touching on various aspects of fitness, health and conditioning.

Donald Chu, PhD, CSCS, ATC, NATA

Presentation Topic: “The Role of Recovery, Regeneration and Rehabilitation in Elite Performances”

Donald Chu received his Ph.D. from Stanford University in 1974. His degree in Physical Therapy is also from Stanford. He has a Masters in Kinesiology & Physical Education from CSU, Hayward. He is a Professor Emeritus from CSU, Hayward after a teaching career spanning over twenty years. During the time from 1997- 2001, Dr. Chu served as the Program Director of the Ohlone College Physical Therapist Assistant program. From 2001-2003, Dr. Chu served as the Director of Athletic Training & Rehabilitation at Stanford University. He is a Past-President of the NSCA. Currently, Dr. Chu is the President of the California State Board of Physical Therapy, and serves as a public member on the Board of Interior Design for the State of California.

Dr. Chu is the author of “Jumping into Plyometrics, 2nd edition”, “Power Tennis Training”, “Explosive Strength & Power” (Human Kinetics – publisher) and “Plyometric exercises with the Medicine Ball, 2nd edition” (Bittersweet Publishing). He has authored several chapters in books on Sports Medicine, particularly in both the area of rehabilitation and performance enhancement.

Dr. Chu has consulted with elite athletes at every level on the development of training and conditioning programs. His past clients include athletes from the 1984, 88, 92, 96 and 2000 Summer Olympics, and professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, and MLB. He designed training programs for 2002 Winter Olympic hopefuls in the skeleton and bobsled events. He also designed the strength & conditioning programs for Erica Wheeler, 2003 US National Champion in the Women’s Javelin. He currently develops strength and conditioning programs for the 2004 US Olympic Synchronized Swimming team.

Chad S. Brenzikofer, BA, CSCS

Presentation Topic: “Neurodynamics in the Evaluation and Treatment of Hamstring Injuries”

Chad S. Brenzikofer received his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science in May of 1999 from Fort Lewis College. Since finishing his degree, Chad has taken over 30 manual therapy courses, completed a one-year high velocity spinal manipulation course, earned his strength and conditioning (CSCS) credentials by the National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA), and completed a massage therapy program at the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado. In 2006, Chad became the first Kinetic Control Accredited Tutor in the United States. He is also a certified instructor for Performance Stability, has assisted Michael Shacklock of Neurodynamic Solutions, and has done consulting work with Al Vermeil, strength & conditioning consultant to the Chicago Bulls. Chad is the owner and director of Muscle Management Therapies, Inc in Denver Colorado offering Massage Therapy, Manual Therapy, and Fitness Training & consulting services.

Lyle McDonald, BSc

Presentation Topic: “Nutrition and Supplementation for Enhanced Recovery and Regeneration”

Lyle obtained a degree in exercise physiology from the University of California in Los Angeles, graduating in 1993. He has dedicated nearly 20 years of his life to studying human physiology and the art, science, and practice of human performance, muscle gain, fat loss, and body recomposition. He applies a combination of cutting edge research, canny tinkering, and sometimes, a little bit of intuition to develop my hypotheses which I then test in the real world on various guinea pigs (often including himself). Lyle has worked with athletes from numerous sports including bodybuilding, powerlifting, cycling, Olympic lifting and many others, developing training, nutrition, and supplement programs to help athletes maximize their potential. He has published seven books on various aspects of exercise, diet and sports nutrition, and writes a weekly blog on his website at www.bodyrecomposition.com. Lyle has also written for numerous print magazines including Flex and the now defunct Peak Training Journal. He has a regular column in the new magazine, Muscle News. Additionally, I’ve written for numerous online publications including Cyberpump, Mesomorphosis, Mind and Muscle, Read the Core, Intelligent Design, Bodybuilding.com, Ironmagazine, Wannabebig, etc.

John Gray, MSc, CSCS

Presentation Topic: “Spine Stability and Movement Retraining in Recovery from Back Injury”

With over a decade of experience in exercise therapy and athletic conditioning, John has gained an excellent reputation for his approach toward “core stability” in treating low back pain, preventing injury, and enhancing athletic performance. John completed his Bachelor of Physical and Health Education degree from the University of Toronto and went on to work with the Clinical Mechanics Group to complete an interdisciplinary MSc degree in Biomechanics at Queen’s University at Kingston in Canada. In 2002 he returned to academics to pursue his PhD at the University of Waterloo, working with internationally renowned Spine Biomechanist, Professor Stuart McGill. Since 2002, John has been named an Educational Influential by the Institute for Work and Health. As a Certified Kinesiologist with the Ontario Kinesiology Association, he has specialized in working with athletes of all ages having current injuries or a history of injuries.

Giuseppe Gueli

Presentation Topic: “Innovations in the Application of Electrotherapy for Recovery, Regeneration and Rehabilitation”

Giuseppe Gueli has worked in all areas of sport performance including his duties as a coach, consultant and researcher. He has provided coaching expertise to the Italian national swim program, as well as served as a sport performance consultant to the world renowned football club, AC Milan. More recently, Giuseppe has been working in the area of Electrotherapy for application to sports performance, recovery and rehabilitation for the newly Accelerated Recovery Program (ARP) technology used widely in professional sports in both Europe and North America. He has also worked extensively in the area of recovery management through the use of heart rate variability analysis and the Omega Wave system.


Conference Schedule:

Each presentation will be a minimum of 90 minutes in length, including time at the end of the presentation for questions and discussions.

8:15am to 8:45am
– Conference Registration – Package Pick-Up

8:45am to 9:00am
– Introduction

9:00am to 10:45am
– Dr. Donald Chu – Los Angeles, California – “The Role of Recovery, Regeneration and Rehabilitation in Elite Performances”

10:45am to 12:30pm
– Chad Brenzikofer – Denver, Colorado – ” Neurodynamics in the Evaluation and Treatment of Hamstring Injuries”

12:30pm to 1:15pm
– Lunch Break – 45 minutes -Practical Demonstrations from Select Presenters

1:15pm to 3:00pm
– Lyle McDonald – Salt Lake City, Utah – “Nutrition and Supplementation for Enhanced Recovery and Regeneration”

3:00pm to 4:45pm
– John Gray – Toronto, Ontario- “Spine Stability and Movement Retraining in Recovery from Back Injury”

4:45pm to 5:00pm
Refreshment Break

5:00pm to 6:45pm
– Giuseppe Gueli – Milan, Italy – “Innovations in the Application of Electrotherapy for Recovery, Regeneration and Rehabilitation”


Conference Registration Information:

Please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us if you have any questions regarding registration or the conference content in general.

Conference Fee: $185.00 CAD

Regular Registration Due Date: February 16, 2009

Late Registration Fee: $225.00 CAD (February 17 , 2009 onwards)

For more information on the registration process or the conference itself, please contact Head SFU Strength & Conditioning Coach, Derek Hansen via e-mail at dhansen@sfu.ca or by phone at 778?782?4059.

NSCA and BCRPA continuing education credits will be available for this event.

Four easy ways to register:

1. By Phone: 778-782-3611 (VISA / MasterCard required for payment)

2. By Mail: Attn: SFU Recreation & Athletics
8888 University Drive
Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6
(VISA / MC / Cheque)

3. By Fax: 778-782-3425 (VISA / MC)

4. In person (8:30am – 4:00pm) at the General Recreation Counter at SFU Chancellor Gym

Please make checks payable to: Simon Fraser University

Register today! Seating for this conference is limited.


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